Allison McCarthy


Allison McCarthy

Owner and Director


I could write forever about why we decided to open Beach Babies but the most important reason is that we wanted to offer a safe, fun, warm and loving environment for our own children, Kiley, Will, and Jameson. 


My husband, Mark and I were looking for child care about 12 years ago when we were pregnant with our daughter Kiley.  It was then that we decided to pursue opening our own daycare center.  We wanted to make sure that we did it “right”.  We searched for what we thought was the perfect location, and we put so much of our hearts into the designing of the buildings, playgrounds and programs.


I grew up in Connecticut with my 5 brothers.  I attended Regis College in Weston, MA where I received my Bachelor’s Degree.   After graduation I worked with mentally handicapped adults for a short period of time and decided that I really wanted to work with children so I became a nanny for a 4 week old baby. 


I came across an opportunity that I could not pass up as an administrative/human resource assistant for a scanning company outside of Boston.  It was the typical, start at the ground floor and learn every aspect of the business story.  By the time I left the company I was the operations manager and was responsible for the staffing, human resources and operations scheduling.  Fantastic job it was, but I had met Mark and it was time to move home to be closer to my family.  I dabbled in recruiting for a short time until we were blessed with our daughter Kiley.


Now the mother of three, Kiley (15), Will (13), and Jameson (7) we have made Beach Babies a place were our children can grow into little individuals.  We have hired a staff that we are so proud of as each one brings something so special to our team.  Some are moms, some are teachers, some are born caregivers, all have a passion for children, and all will be held to the highest standards because it is our belief that they have the most important job – teaching our children.

Updated in 2018